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My Solo Projects


Please check out my solo projects.  They can all be purchased on ITunes.

Songs From The Prayer Closet is a beautiful meditative recording featuring solo piano and light strings.  It features songs of and about prayer and it's life changing power.  All instrumental, you can play it while you pray, meditate, and relax.  Available on ITunes

Hymn Scenes is an orchestral project recorded in Kiev, Ukraine.  It feaures my arrangements of well-loved hymns imagined as movie-like scores.  Hear the beauty of these timeless hymns in a way you never have before.  Available on ITunes.

Hope is my piano solo record that features uplifting songs of hope and restoration.  Backed by beautiful orchestations, it serves as a reminder that there is good in this world.  Songs like Bridge Over Troubled Water, You Raise Me Up, and You'll Never Walk Alone will help you restore and relax.  Available on ITunes.

A Little Christmas Jazz

I am slowly working on a solo piano Christmas record. I may actually finish it one day!  But until then, please enjoy a few little previews of what's to come.  Send me your requests for this record!!


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