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I would love to add my keyboard expertise to your project.  You can either come to my studio in Kingston Springs, TN or we can work together via the internet.  

I can add any style to your track.  Pop, rock, jazz, country - I've recorded it all.  




My studio houses a beautiful 7' 6" RX-7 Kawai Grand Piano.  It is one of the most gorgeous pianos I've ever played and it records like a dream.   I record it using a stereo pair of ADK condenser mics through a high-end ADK tube preamp.  Give it a listen:










I love playing my Roland RD2000 stage piano.  


I also have a great Hammond C3 Organ (same sound as the B3), a Wurlitzer A200 electric piano, a real accordian, melodica, and a huge variety of virtual sounds to create any texture needed for your song.  


Just send me .wav files via WeTransfer or the file transfer device of your choice.  Contact me to discuss the best approach for your particular song.  



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